ABOUT US - Manufacturer of Hang Tags,Woven Labels,Printed Labels and Packagings


Huagang Pringting Co.,Ltd is one of a leading packaging and garment identification manufacturer in China. 

We can produce Hang Tags, Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Clothing Labels, Leather Patches ,as well as Custom Packaging like PVC/Paper Bags, Catalogs, Stickers, and an array of printed materials. We gladly assisting business of all sizes…We welcome independent to corporations, and start-ups to well established operations.

Being attentive to your unique projects, our success occurs from being competitive and providing quick and on time deliveries. Our customer service representatives will keep you up to date with your order status and respond promptly to your concerns.

15 years of experience definitely sets anybody ahead of competition, but we endure by providing quality execution and customer satisfaction. With the ever changing business society and printing technology, we look forward to providing a sample and competitive quote for you.